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About Vannessa –

I am a new distributer of Tucker Tub who now delivers to Geelong and surrounding areas.

I ran a small business of dog grooming, worked with animals and have been around them for over 20 years. Being in this business has given me the opportunity to understand what is best for my family and friends’ pets, as well as my own.

About Tucker Tub -

Tucker Tub Pet Food is a Home Delivery service providing ALL-Natural Pet Food made from Wholesome real meat Providing Food for your pet of the highest quality delivered, in easy-to-use resealable tubs for your convenience, and just think,

NO heavy containers to carry home,
NO smelly cans to pollute your bins,
NO cans & unnecessary packaging to go into land fill   

We collect the empty tubs on a changeover basis doing our bit for the environment.

Our product range is:
All-Natural Fat Reduced
Allergy sensitive products
Arthritis & joint food available
NO Added Preservatives
NO Added Chemicals

Australian Made, Australian Owned, using 100% AUSTRALIAN FARM GROWN PRODUCE!